Winter school 2018

Call for application to WINTER SCHOOL
Spaces and Times of Globalization - 6th edition

Padova, 19-23 February 2018


Knowledges of the future. Professions of the future. Living in precarious times

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Doing what?
  • What knowledges, competences and skills do you need to get there?
  • How sure are you of achieving this project? What do the terms ‘innovation’, ‘professionality’, ‘precariousness’ mean to you?

Precariousness is the condition within which new knowledge emerge, education is designed and which characterizes the world of work and professions. The 6th edition of the Winter School aims to engage in a broad, interdisciplinary and multi-perspective reflection on the meanings and implications of living in precarious times.
In this light, the School will provide a space for discussion of the themes and issues, policies and practices around the education of a new generation of women and men for living, working and networking in a global, and globally European, context.
The Winter School will critically address – from a variety of epistemological and disciplinary perspectives - including political philosophy and political science, education and pedagogy, post-colonial theories, international political economy, linguistics and sociology - some of the core concepts that characterize (and challenge) current policy discourses on academia as a site of knowledge production, dissemination and exchange. The proposed Winter School 2018 will therefore focus on aspects including:

Precariousness as a challenge to education and to academic work
Discourses of human capital, skills, competences and professionalization
Clashing narratives of innovation and technologies
Feminist knowledges and practices

Participants will engage in discussions to elaborate on new and emerging forms of knowledge that may be central to future professions. They will also be invited to discuss the changing notions of work and its relation to knowledge in a global society; to reflect on new forms of conflict, but also on spaces of cooperation, that may derive from the application of technology and its impact on individual professional lives and working conditions. Finally, they will have a chance to share their respective experiences and expectations, as young women and men coming from a variety of geo-cultural backgrounds.
Hence, the 2018 Winter School will provide participants both scholarly insights on ‘knowledges of the future’ and the opportunity to think of their own professional futures as globally engaged citizens.

Winter School 2018 will be an intensive 5-day course, bringing together international scholars and students from a range of disciplines and geo-cultural background.
The school will thus consist of a total of 38/40 hours of lectures, interactive sessions and workshops organized as follows:

  • Opening Round Table (public event)
  • Lectures, thematic seminars and/or workshops 
  • Presentations and discussions of students’ researches
  • Social gatherings

The course is aimed at Italian, European and International graduates (maximum 16), Master’s and PhD students from different disciplinary areas, such as Political and Social Sciences, Communications Studies, Education, Language and Mediation. The organizers aim to guarantee a diversity of participating students on the basis of geo-cultural background, discipline of study and gender. The 2018 edition will also give continuity to a positive and consolidated practice: that of offering participating students the possibility to present their own research activities and to receive feedback from senior scholars and other participants.
The Winter School particularly welcomes PhD students from non-European regions, and from low income countries and countries in democratic transition, who want to master their understanding of current challenges to the implementation of democratic principles, in times where separation and marginalization are the everyday experience of walled politics. 2 Scholarships are available for students from such areas (450 euros contribution to costs to be received after participation in the school)

HERE is the link to the application form.
Deadline for applications 15th December 2017; Participants will be notified about the outcome of their applications by 20th December.