ExPoSTID ExPost Italian Diplomacy - Spring School 2022

The SPGI Department of the University of Padua in collaboration with the Department of Political Science of the University of Roma Tre organises a Spring School in Techno-Scientific Diplomacy for April 2022.

This spring school is a research workshop aimed at creating a new experimental Master that will combine science and diplomacy thanks to a strong interaction between experts, academics, diplomats, and students from different techno-scientific disciplines. Participants will take part in a number of activities in order to deepen their understanding of issues related to science, diplomacy and decision-making processes, which are fundamental matters in a world of growing technological density that requires techno-scientific diplomacy to face challenges that are now global. Particular attention will be paid to Italy as it developed, in the European and global context, techno-scientific competences that animate experiences of cooperation and competition in a dynamic diplomatic framework. The Spring school is funded by an FISR-Covid 2020 national research project and benefits from synergies with the H2020 InsSciDe (Inventing a Shared Science Diplomacy for Europe) and from an agreement with the Historical Archives of the European Union (EUI).

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