LM European and Global Studies - Jagiellonian University of Krakow, Institute of European Studies, Faculty of International and Political Studies (Poland)

Jagellonica universityPartner university:
Jagiellonian University of Krakow (Poland)

Period of mobility: 2nd year
Working language: English

Title awarded: double degree: Master's degree in European and Global Studies - LM 90 and Magister na kierunku europeistyki (corresponding to a Master of European Studies MES).

Academic coordinator:  Prof. Ekaterina Domorenok ekaterina.domorenok@unipd.it

Deadline:March 31st 2023 at 12 p.m.

 Period of mobility: 2nd year

Working language: English
Title awarded: Double Degree: Master's Degree in European and Global Studies - LM 90 and Magister na kierunku europeistyki (corresponding to a Master of European Studies (MES).
Defined study program: The study program is defined by the agreement between the two Universities.

The list of exams to be included in your study plan is as follows: 

1. Public Management and Multi-level Governance 65h – 9 ECTS
2. EU and International Law 65h – 9 ECTS
3. Contemporary European political thought 45h – 6 ECTS
4. Decolonial Strategies 45h – 6 ECTS
5. Social and Political Research Method 45 h – 6 ECTS
6. English as a Global Language 45 h – 6 ECTS
1. Sustainable Development Policies 45h – 6 ECTS
2. Project Management and Policy Evaluation 45h – 6 ECTS
3. Second foreign Language/Stage 6 ECTS
1. Communication Governance and Transnational Networks 45 h – 6 ECTS
2. Digital Innovation and Society 45h – 6 ECTS
3. Second foreign Language/Stage 6 ECTS

1. European civilisation 60 h - 10 ECTS
2. EU Foreign and Security Policy: EuroAtlantic Security 40 h - 5 ECTS + Foreign and International Relations in CEE 30 h - 5 ECTS or EU Foreign and Security Policy 30 h - 5 ECTS + EU Integration and the Politics in the Balcans 30 h - 5 ECTS
3. EU Institutions and the Decision-Making Process 60 h - 10 ECTS
4. Intro to Finances in the UE or International Financial Markets 30 h - 5 ECTS + Economy of Central Europe: From Transition to EU Membership 30 h - 5 ECTS
5. Pensiero politico europeo (optional) 30 h - 4 ECTS
6. Polish Language (optional) 60 h - 6 ECTS
7. MA Seminar (60 h) + Final Thesis 20 ECTS

Please note that any changes to the study plan should be approved by the President of the Master Programme.

Application: The admission process for the Double Degree programme takes place during the beginning of the second semester.
Only the students that are already enrolled in the first year of LM European and Global Studies can apply.
Application period: March/April
Selection results: April
Students' confirmation: end of April
General information on the application procedure, timing and deadlines is presented during the Welcome Day for students enrolled in LM European and Global Studies. Further details will be provided during dedicated meetings that are normally organised in the first half of December.

Scholarships: Five Scholarships are available per Academic Year

Admission Requirements:
• Only students regularly enrolled in the Master’s degree in European and Global Studies can apply.
• To be able to apply, students are required to have obtained at least 12 ECTS credits for their studies in the MA programme.
• Students will be admitted at the Krakow University if they have obtained at least 54 ECTS credits by the beginning of the second year, according to the scheme in Annex II in the Call for admission. Students must obtain a total of 60 ECTS credits at the University of Padova.
• Proficiency in English (International certificate of B2 CEFR level). The list of certifications can be download from the link below.

Selection Criteria:
• Weighted average of marks
• Motivation letter
• Curriculum vitae
• Knowledge of the English language

Internationalisation Office: Blerina Brami internazionalizzazione.spgi@unipd.it
Academic coordinator: Prof. Ekaterina Domorenok ekaterina.domorenok@unipd.it

If you want to learn more about the Jagiellonian University in Krakow Visit: https://en.uj.edu.pl/en_GB/about-university/overview

List of documents required by the Krakow University 
List of Language Certificates