Computer Services

via del Santo 28, Padova.
Via VIII Febbraio 2, Padova.

Computer technicians:
Giulio Bardelli (SED computer lab, systems and networks area) - via del Santo 28, Padova.
Francesco Gasparini (systems and networks area) - via VIII febbraio 2, Padova.
Francesca Lissandrin (web services, communication) - via del Santo 28, Padova.
Nicola Pantaleoni (ADI computer lab, teaching equipment and web services) - via del Santo 28, Padova.

Since the service is carried out in different locations, for maximum efficiency it is important to use the above e-mail address when requesting support.

The service provides support for students, teaching staff, researchers, PhD students, technical and administrative staff, etc. in the following areas:
Management of the computer labs (ADI) and data processing laboratory (SED)
Management of multimedia and computer equipment in Department classrooms 
Lending service of laptop computers for lessons and conferences

Web services area:
Management of the Department website
Management of the Department e-learning service on the Moodle platform
Management of the classroom booking service 

Systems and network area:
Management of the LAN network infrastructure of the Department
Management of the Department wifi network (Eduroam)
Hardware and software management of Department servers and related services