Where can I find information on how exams are conducted?

Detailed information about individual courses can be found on the educational offer webpage.
From the homepage, after selecting the academic year of enrollment and the degree program, you will access these details.Professors have provided essential information here, and under the section "examination methods," they have specified how the exam will be conducted.

When do exams take place?

Exams are organized into three sessions: Winter, Summer, and Autumn.
Each session has two opportunities for each exam (at least 14 days apart).

For the 2023-2024 Academic Year, the sessions are as follows:

  • Winter: January 23, 2024 - February 25, 2024
  • Summer: June 19, 2024 - July 22, 2024
  • Autumn: August 21, 2024 - September 23, 2024

Where can I find the exam calendar?

Precise details about exam dates can be exclusively accessed via the personal area on UNIWEB.
Click here to search for exam information
On this webpage, you can filter exam information by date, department, study program, course, and professor.

IMPORTANT: Professors will upload dates on UNIWEB starting in early December. If you can't find the exam dates, please reach out to the concerned professor directly.

CAUTION: Do not search for exam details on the WebAgenda (https://agendastudentiunipd.easystaff.it/), as it only provides service notes about classroom occupancy.

How can I register for an exam?

Official exam registration must be done through the personal area on UNIWEB accessed through SSO authentication with institutional credentials.

N.B. On the homepage, in the control panel, there is a link titled "Available terms" This link exclusively shows the calls for which registration has been opened. To view the list of exams (if already added by the instructors), you need to select “Home” - “Exam sessions” from the top right menu. Here, you will find the calls along with their respective registration buttons (if registration is currently available).
To check your booking(s), select the section “Booking notice board”.

CAUTION: You can only register for an exam after the registration period opens. Also, it is advisable to UNREGISTER from the exam list if you cannot attend.

How are exam scores recorded?

The professor records the grade as follows:

  • The professor enters and publishes the grade on UNIWEB.
  • After the grade is published, students can view it on UNIWEB.
  • Students have 8 days to decline the grade. If declined, it must be expressly stated.
  • After 8 days, the professor can finalize the grades.

CAUTION: Grade recording is not automatic. The grade won’t appear on the student's online record until the professor finalizes it.