Study plan

The study plan is a list of educational activities (exams, laboratories, internships or other activities) that the student must carry out during each year in order to graduate.

Each degree programme includes a certain number of learning activities, some of them are compulsory, others are optional (choosing between) or electives (free choice).
The study plan is valid for one year.
It is compulsory to fill in the online study plan before sitting the exams because, the system used for registering for the exam sessions and for recording the grades, works only for the learning activities already included in your online study plan.

Only enrolled students who have paid their tuition fees can present a study plan.

The study plan must be presented via UNIWEB, which is accessed using your University credentials (username and password).

Study plans could be of two different types: Automatically approved study plan and Study plan subject to the approval of the Master Degree Council.

Automatically approved study plan

In the automatically approved study plan, the elective exams are selected from those recommended by the Educational Rules of the Study Programme and the study plan, once confirmed by the student, is automatically approved. At the end of the compilation it is necessary to click on confirm plan, and print the plan as a reminder.

Study Plan subject to the approval of the Master Degree Council

In the Study Plan subject to the approval of the Master Degree Council, the student has the possibility to insert exams that are not among those recommended by the Study Programme but from the entire UNIPD catalogue. In this case the plan will be evaluated by the competent Master Degree Council in order to be approved.
The study plan can be approved only after the study plan submission closure dates. The student will receive an automatic notification by e-mail.

When to present your study plan

Automatically approved study plan: November 1 – June 15.
Study Plan subject to the approval: November 1 – November 30 and April 1 – April 30.


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