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NUDGE - Nudge My Tour

Call: KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Ambito disciplinare Macroarea 3

Area scientifica Area 16 - Scienze politiche e sociali

Tipologia finanziamento ERASMUS + (Finanziamenti dell'Unione Europea)

Tipo di progetto Internazionale

Stato progetto Aperto

Ruolo nel progetto Partner

Responsabilità scientifica Responsabile scientifico

Data avvio: 1 November 2021

Data termine: 31 December 2023

Durata: 26 mesi

Importo: € 298.045,00


GIP Agence Francaise pour des Villes et Territoires Mediterraneens Durables - coordinatore
Università degli Studi di Padova
Centre national de la fonction publique territoriale
Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna
Universitat de Girona
iNudgeyou ApS
Institut za turizam


Nudge My Tour aims to contribute to a better management of tourism flows and to a more effective planning of tourism destinations/experiences, in a post-Covid tourism recovery and beyond, through innovative methods based on behavioural science and the Nudge theory. Before Covid-19, tourism was growing extensively, in many locations it was starting to harming the environment, the heritage and the quality of life of residents. With the Covid-19 outbreak touridm has been stopped abruptly, causing an unprecedented crisis for the tourism sector. Now that tourism is beginning to resume, some cultural and natural heritage sites are already experiencing the stresses of overcrowding once again. Tourism will need to be sustainable: new and innovative approaches will be needed to restart the sector in a way that avoids reproducing the former damaging model. The management of the flow and presence of visitors in a tourism site will become the new priority of the sector, in order to preserve the heritage while at the same time creating a safe environment for visitors and residents. According to a recent study by IFOP, 61% of French citizens consider sustainability and the preservation of the environment as even more important priorities than before the Covid-19 outbreak. However, only 44% declare being ready to pay more for their trip, in order to make it more sustainable. This highlights the interest of building on the cognitive biases and the behaviour of people to support a more sustainable way of travelling. Behavioural science is already largely used to support the implementation of public policies, and has been extensively applied in the response to Covid-19 crisis. Despite this, the application of behavioural science to the tourism sector is still relatively limited. This is where the Nudge My Tour project comes to play: it will contribute to raise awareness and generate knowledge about the application of behavioural science and Nudging to the management of tourism flows.


General objective: contribute to a better tourism policy-making and management of tourism flows and to a more effective planning of tourism destinations/experiences, in a post-Covid tourism recovery and beyond, through innovative methods based on behavioural science and the Nudge theory.

Specific objectives:
Raise the awareness of tourism planning and management professionals about the potential of behavioural sciences and the Nudge theory to positively influence the policy making skills in changing behaviour of tourists in a destination, towards the prevention of some of the negative effects of Overtourism, and equip them with practical tools;
Build & test innovative pedagogic tools to illustrate how behavioural insights can be applied to tourism flows management;
Share examples of Nudges and other behaviour-based measures applied to tourism.

The NMT Methodology will be tested, among the others, within the II Level Executive Master - Policy Innovation and Sustainability Impact Assessment (PISIA) directed by prof. Maria Stella Righettini starting from the next academic year, 2022/23.

Piano delle attività:

PHASE 1: The Nudge My Tour partners will co-develop pedagogic and awareness-raising tools about the application of Nudging and behavioural science to the management of tourism flows. These will take the form of three Project Results:
1. Training Methodology “Behavioural economics and the Nudge theory applied to a better planning and management of a destination, itinerary or tourism experience" – coordinated by University of Padova
2. Informative Toolkit “Nudge My Tour: using the Nudge theory to better manage a tourism destination, experience or itinerary” – coordinated by the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST), University of Bologna
3. Compilation of Nudges applied to tourism – coordinated by iNudgeyou.
PHASE 2: The five project partners that carry out training, higher education and lifelong learning (University of Padova, University of Bologna, Institute for Tourism – Zagreb, University of Girona and CNFPT) will test the Training Methodology and the Informative Toolkit within a selected training activity. The participants to this testing will include professionals in the fields of tourism planning, destination management and territorial development, such as staff from Tourism Boards, municipalities, regional authorities and DMOs, but also university students in the field of tourism management and planning. The testing will be carried out in parallel in Padova, Rimini, Nice, Zagreb and Girona.
PHASE 3 –The Nudge My Tour partners will refine and finalise the three Project Results mentioned above.
PHASE 4 –An international Training of Trainers will be held in Nice, where a selected group of staff from the participating organisations will attend a 3 days’ session to learn how to use the three Project Results in their respective pedagogic activities, and beyond. A final transnational dissemination event, open to all stakeholders from the sector, will be organised to disseminate the project’s achievements and discuss further developments.