Winter & Summer Schools 2018/2019

Every year, in keeping with its policy of promoting internationalization, the Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies offers students the opportunity to attend Winter and Summer Schools organized in collaboration with academic institutions or other international organizations.

The initiative aims to provide early support for short-term intensive courses of high quality, targeted at different types of users: both Italian and foreign researchers, doctoral students, post-graduate students or professionals and public or private employees. At least 30% of the lecturers must come from foreign Institutions and the use of English as language of instruction is compulsory. The courses carry training credits that will be recognized for overall study programmes and life-long education.

The 7th edition of the Winter School Times and Spaces of Globalization addresses the many challenges to knowledge development and dissemination in times of crises, conflict, globalization and digital transformations. Particular attention is posed on higher education institutions, their role and responsibilities and the initiatives they can activate to protect students and researchers and support their educational and research activities.

Times and Spaces of Globalization - Knowledges at Risk - Padova, 18-22 February 2019

The fifth edition of the Winter School on "Knowledges of the future. Professions of the future. Living in precarious times", addressed issues pertaining to education, the role of ignorance in scientific knowledge, innovation and technological developments, and feminist knowledge transfer.

The first edition of the Summer School on “Normativity and Reality of Human Rights” critically investigates the interplay between norms and facts about human rights, with a special focus on three topics: health, environment, and forced migrations.

The third edition of the Summer School on “Policy Formulation, Partecipation and Learning”, that will be held both in Padua and in Venice, aims to promote the diffusion of theories and methods of policy change in the belief that they can improve policy effectiveness in meeting social demands.

Knowledges of the future. Professions of the future. Living in precarious times Padova, February 19-22, 2018 

Normativity and Reality of Human Rights - Padova, July 8-14, 2018

Policy Formulation, Partecipation and Learning - Padova, July 9-14, 2018