English as a Glocal Language Seminar series

Aula Nievo, Palazzo Bo

Dal 11.12.2023 al 18.12.2023

Scientific coordinator: Francesca Helm, University of Padua.

Within the course English as a Glocal Language - MA European and Global Studies the seminar series with Prof. Kyria Finardi (Università Federale dell'Espírito Santo - UFES), Brazil will be held from 11 to 18 December 2023 in Aula Nievo (Palazzo Bo).


11 December 2023 | 14:30-17:30 
EMI – EME – ELF and implications for all of those outside/in the periphery of ‘E’

12 December 2023 | | 14:30-17:30
Decolonial perspectives on English as a glocal language: the Iberoamerican case

18 December 2023 | | 14:30-17:30
Speaking back to ‘global English’ and standard language ideologies


The seminar Translating “race”, racism and anti-racism: experiences and practices will be held on 19 December 2023 at 14:30 in Aula Nievo (Palazzo Bo) with Francesca Helm (University of Padua), Jamille Pinheiro Dias (University of London), Barbara Ofosu-Somuah (Duke University), Mariam Rechchad (anti-racist activist), Gustavo Garcia Figueroa (anti-racist activist), Rahma Nur (teacher and poet), Kyria Finardi Federal (University of Espirito Santo).

The seminar is open to the public.