Join students from all over Europe and Southern Mediterranean in Europe’s first ever ERASMUS+ VIRTUAL EXCHANGE! 

 EUROPEAN REFUGE(ES) runs for 10 weeks from March 12th - May 17th 2018

 In this cultural exchange you will have the opportunity to:

  • Interact with students from different countries, cultures and backgrounds including those with refugee and non-refugee experiences;
  • Meet weekly in small seminar groups in a specially tailored virtual classroom;
  • Discuss topical themes on identity, belonging, diversity and integration;
  • Learn from expert academics and practitioners;
  • Contribute to an European-wide Video Dialogue project;
  • Build ‘21C transversal skills’ that improve your employability! Develop your confidence, resilience and ability to work in a virtual and intercultural environment;
  •      Gain an Erasmus+ digital Badge and be awarded a Sharing Perspectives Certificate.

-   Also recognised as an alternative programme for 'Lingua Inglese Progredito'. For details contact:


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