Incoming students

The Department of Political Sciences, Law and International Studies (SPGI) has Erasmus+ Agreements with 78 Universities from 17 different countries.

You can find information about applications, accommodation and all the other procedures on our main website for Incoming Exchange students. Link here.

Mobility Unit desk at Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies (SPGI)

Location: via del Santo, 28 - First floor
Contact person: Anna Gottardo
Office hours: Tuesday, 10-13 and 15-17; Wednesday, 10-13
Phone : +39 049 8274085

The office is operational in smart working mode, appointments booked via e-mail will take place on Zoom platform. Phone assistance is available during the office hours.

  Important dates

Lessons are organised in two semesters: the Winter term, from September until February and the Spring term, from March until July. You can find more information about the official university holidays and all the other key academic dates on our main website.  The Projects and Mobility Office organises official welcome days at the beginning of each semester.

  Italian Language Courses

Classes are given mainly in Italian. All incoming students can attend an Italian Language Course at our University Language Centre (CLA) without charge. The course lasts 50 hours and is worth 3 ECTS, and can be included in your Learning Agreement.

  Choosing courses

Incoming students are officially enrolled in the department of the University of Padua with which their home universities have signed the Erasmus+ agreement. Each agreement is also linked to a departmental coordinator who is responsible for signing students’ Learning Agreements.

Students can choose exams from the entire catalogue of university courses,  also from different departments without restriction, as long as the majority of courses are held in the department in which the student is officially enrolled.

Here you find a complete guide about how to choose courses in our University.

We strongly advise bachelor students to take courses at the Bachelor’s level. In the SPGI Department, all courses at the Bachelor’s level are held in Italian. However, students and teachers can agree on a vehicular language for the exam. Please find belowe a list of courses whose exam can be taken in English (or other languages).

Some degrees are held in other cities besides Padova. For example, the courses from the degree in Economic Law are available to erasmus students, but they take place entirely in Rovigo, a city 45 km far from Padova. It is possible to check this piece of information on our course catalogue.

In our Department Courses held in English are only at the Master’s level, and student can only choose courses showing “Attuale A.A. 2020/2021”. Bachelor students can choose MA courses, except the courses belonging to the Master degree "Human rights and Multi-level Governance": they are reserved to master students. It is at the discretion of each lecturer whether to accept, or not, incoming students on the grounds of their preparation, their background or the class structure. 

Students who would include in their Learning Agreement courses belonging to the Bachelor Degree in "Servizio Sociale" (Social work) MUST:

- be able to read Italian language

- present themself to the teacher at the beginning of the semester

  Language exams: English

There are several English language courses at our university.

The Language of Advocacy course is a pass/fail exam, so if your home university requires you to obtain a grade, you should select one of the many other courses on offer. Note that this course is only available to Masters level students.


Attendance at lessons is not compulsory.  Students are not required to enrol in classes, but they must sign up to exams. Each course has two appelli (exam dates) in each exam session. You can choose on which date you would like to take the exam by enrolling in the correct Uniweb list. Lists open about two weeks before the exam and close a couple of days before. It is important to enrol correctly on Uniweb, so that all your results can be registered in your booklet and a correct transcript of records can be available at the end of your mobility.

This procedure is explained in detail in our handbook about how to sign up for exams.

Students receive their results by mail and can refuse their grade within seven days if they want to take the exam again.  If you do nothing, you implicitly authorise the grade to be officially registered in your booklet. This procedure is explained here.

An exam is passed if the grade is between 18 (minimum) and 30 (maximum). The correspondence between Italian and ECTS grades is defined by specific official tables

If you experience difficulties using Uniweb, please ask your buddy or the tutor junior service for help.


Our department uses an e-learning platform called Moodle where professors upload lecture materials, news and other extra information about their courses. You will be able to access it with your personal Unipd mail account and password.